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The MCR (Middle Common Room) is the body of postgraduate, ministerial and mature students at Regents. Our postgraduate membership includes students from a wide variety of subjects in the Social Science and Humanities Divisions of the University, and the ministerial membership includes students training for vocational and theological aspects of Christian ministry.

The MCR will have many social events throughout the year, kicking off with Freshers’ Week at the start of Michaelmas Term. Spouses and partners are always welcome to attend our events, and we highly recommend that they officially join the MCR as Associate Members so they may enjoy access to as many resources as possible.

The MCR is not only a body of people, it is also a subterranean room in College (the Old Chapel) where members can relax, watch television and socialise. In the MCR there are refreshments and study facilities for the exclusive use of members.  There is also an MCR Study Room at the back of the Main Library in College.

The MCR is run by students so there are lots of ways to get involved throughout the year. In particular, we have regular elections for Executive and Committee positions. These positions are a tremendous way to serve your fellow students, diversify your time at Oxford, improve your resume, and understand the unique complexities of this 800+ year-old University.

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